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 Number 2
 Original In languages with postpositions the genitive almost always precedes the governing noun.
 Standardized IF adpositions follow their NPs (i.e. they are postpositions), THEN head nouns almost always follow their attributive nouns (genitives).
 Formula Postposition ⇒ G N
 Keywords order, postposition, attributive, genitive
 Domain syntax
 Type implication
 Status achronic
 Quality statistical, almost absolute
 Basis 30 languages of Greenberg 1963 sample
 Source Greenberg 1963: 78, #2
By Frans Plank 03.08.2006, 09:49 
Postp & N G:
Rutulian and other Daghestanian languages (Greenberg 1963).
Tepehuán (Uto-Aztecan) (Pickett 1983: 542).
Kanuri (Saharan, Nilo-Saharan), Majang (Surmic, Nilo-Saharan); Moru (unclassified, Gur, Niger-Congo); Harar Oromo, Waata Oromo (Cushitic, Afroasiatic); Sumerian (isolate); Elamite (isolate); Manam (Oceanic, Austronesian); Djingili (West Barkly, Australian), Laragia (Laragiyan, Australian), Thaayore, Alyawarra, Aranda (Pama-Nyungan, Australian) (Dryer 2000).
By Frans Plank 03.08.2006, 09:49 
In essence arguably diachronic; see Comments to .

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