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  • If you simultaneously want to search for items from more than one field (e.g., Original and Domain), use the radion buttons on top of the search form to determine whether they should be joined with "AND" or "OR".
  • If you simultaneously want to search for several items within one field (e.g., both nominative and accusative in Keywords), mark those items which have to be present with a plus sign (e.g., +nominative +accusative when searching for entries which contain both nominative and accusative in the keywords field).
  • In the same vein, mark those items that should not be present with a minus sign (e.g., +nominative -accusative yields all the entries where the field contains nominative but not accusative).
  • If you want to search for consecutive word combinations (e.g., all and only those occurrences where case is followed by marking), put them in quotation marks ("case marking").


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