PARSEME co-organized the annual Multi-Word Expressions Workshop on 26-27 April 2014. It was co-located with the EACL 2014 conference. It included special track dedicated to PARSEME. The action funded the travel and stay for 24 workshop participants.

See some photos of the event.

Important dates:

PARSEME grants

PARSEME will fund the travel and stay at the MWE 2014 workshop for about 20 participants from the PARSEME member countries. Priority is given to:

Applicants should send an email (with the subject line "EACL-MWE 2014 workshop reimbursement request") to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 3 March 2014 (18 March for PARSEME members), including the following data:

The selection of applicants entitled to reimbursement will be done by the PARSEME Steering Committee.

The following rates apply:

Detailed reimbursement rules are defined in the COST Vademecum, pp. 26-28, section 4.1. Note that the applicants selected for the grant will have to cover their travel and stay in advance and will be reimbursed on return. In order to benefit from the reimbursement, they will receive a formal invitation via the e-COST system, which they should accept before their travel.

Important dates