PARSEME Steering Committee (SC) is an informal (in the sense of COST rules) executive body responsible for the Action's
efficient day-to-day management. It consists of the Action's MC chair, vice-chair, Working Group leaders and vice-leaders, the representative of Early-Stage Researchers (ESRs) and her substitute, the coordinator of Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSMs), and the dissemination coordinator. These 14 persons communicate via the parseme-steer mailing list.

The SC’s role is to prepare the deliberations of the MC and to closely follow the evolution of the Action.

In particular the SC fulfils the following tasks:

The SC meets at least four times a year, possibly via video-conference.The agenda of each meeting is announced by the MC Chair at least one week in advance and can be completed by suggestions submitted by other SC members. The Working Group vice-leaders and the substitute representative of ESRs are convened to SC meetings and votes only if their corresponding leaders or representative are unavailable or have a conflict of interest with respect to the issue concerned by the vote.