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Rara: Overview

a leisurely collection to entertain and instruct

assembled by Frans Plank

with some items and/or languages brought to my attention by:
Pierre Abbat, Pier Marco Bertinetto, Balthasar Bickel, Michael Cysouw, Elena Filimonova, Orin Gensler, David Gil, Aditi Lahiri, Gilbert Lazard, Irina Nikolaeva, Wolfgang Schellinger, Pieter Seuren, Horst Simon, M. L. Souag, Ton van der Wouden


send straight to the KABINETT.

Like THE UNIVERSALS ARCHIVE, DAS GRAMMATISCHE RARITÄTENKABINETT is accessible in two ways: you can browse through it or you can search for anything you are specially interested in.

KABINETT visitors may want to read the Introductory Notes first.