Negative Polarity MWEs (NPMWEs) are a theoretically and practically challenging class since their obligatory licensing environments can be abstract grammatical, semantic, and even pragmatic categories; this makes them difficult to identify and classify. Such special lexical units have already been researched within the PARSEME community for Polish, German, and Romanian, and we intend to share and discuss our methodologies in order to:

  •  Document and classify NPMWEs for multiple languages
  • Verify the effectiveness of the tests that we already developed for individual languages and research whether other tests should be used after comparing NPMWEs from different languages.
  • Develop a set of tests that will prove efficient for classifying and identifying NPMWEs across languages.
  • Research the distributional properties of  NPMWEs in different languages.
  • Develop a multilingual resource (such as an electronic dictionary) of negative polarity items.