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  • PARSEME funding is over after April 2017. Most activities of the PARSEME network will be tranferred to the SIGLEX-MWE section. New members to the section are welcome. Please, subscribe in 2 steps:
  • PARSEME shared task on automatic identification of verbal MWEs - editions 1.0 and 1.1 are complete; edition 2.0 is planned for 2020.

PARSEME (PARSing and Multi-word Expressions)

Towards linguistic precision and computational efficiency in natural language processing



The IC1207 COST Action, PARSEME, is an interdisciplinary scientific network devoted to the role of multi-word expressions (MWEs) in parsing.

  • It gathers interdisciplinary experts (linguists, computational linguists, computer scientists, psycholinguists, and industrials) from 31 countries which have signed the Memorandum of Understanding.
  • It represents 30 languages and 6 dialects from 10 language families1.
  • It covers different parsing  frameworks: CCG (Combinatory Categorial Grammar), DG (Dependency Grammar), GG (Generative Grammar), HPSG (Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar), LFG (Lexical Functional Grammar), TAG (Tree Adjoining Grammar), ...
  • It addresses different methodologies (symbolic, probabilistic and hybrid parsing) and language technology applications (machine translation, information retrieval, ...).

Duration: 8 March 20137 March 2017 (extended until 30 April 2017)

PARSEME is structured in 4 Working Groups. Its main activities include scientific meetings, short-term scientific missions, workshops and training schools. It promotes gender balance and it adheres to COST policy in promoting early-stage researchers.
Its target groups are the Action’s members, early-stage researchers, Master and PhD students, related Actions, projects and networks, other NLP researchers, language industry professionals, language resource providers, European institutions, foreign language teachers and learners, as well as the general public.

PARSEME welcomes new members from any member countries or from new COST countries.

To cite PARSEME, refer to its dissemination paper.

1 Second-level language families (or genera) according to the World Atlas of Language Structures

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