COST is a inter-governmental framework (founded in 1971) dedicated to coordination of nationally-funded European research. It is supported by the  EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020. Its main instruments are COST Actions based on the following principles:

  • bottom-up approach: the scientific challenges are defined by the researchers,
  • objective: to overcome the research fragmentation issues,
  • funded activities: cooperation (meetings,workshops, short-term missions, training schools, ...) and dissemination,
  • no direct research funding,
  • precursor role for other European programmes,
  • important roles given to Early-Stage Researchers (< PhD+8),
  • gender balance promoted,
  • budget: 129,000-156,000 euros per year for all partners,
  • proposal selectivity: 6-10%.

For more details, see the COST website and the COST presentation from the PARSEME kick-off meeting.