PARSEME is going to organize its fourth and fifth general meeting in spring and autumn 2015 under the following circumstances:

  • referred dates: March 2015 and September 2015
  • duration: 2 days
  • attendance: 70-90 participants
  • necessary rooms: one big room (for plenary/WG sessions), at least one smaller room (for parallel WG sessions),
  • equipment: panels for about 30-40 posters (to be confirmed)
  • budget available from PARSEME:
    • Local Organizer Support of up to 10,000 ‚Ǩ, based on real expenditure
    • The eligible and non-eligible expenses are listed on p.31 of the COST Vademecum

Potential local organizers of any of these meetings are requested to contact PARSEME's Steering Committee at parseme-steer at chopin dot ipipan dot waw dot pl.
The applications should describe:

  • the proposed dates,
  • the location and the available meeting rooms,
  • the access by public transport,
  • an estimation of hotel room prices.

Important dates:

  • for the meeting in spring 2015:
    • 3 March 2014: proposals from local organizers
    • 12 March 2014: notification
  • for the meeting in autumn 2015:
    • 3 September 2014: proposals from local organizers
    • 15 September 2014: notification