WG2 Meeting, April 8th, Struga, FYR of Macedonia

Session 1: 10:35-11:50 AM, Session 2: 15:25-16:40 PM

Title: GF: From Syntactic to Semantic Interlingual Translation

Author: Krasimir Angelov (University of Gothenburg / Digital Grammars, Sweden)

Abstract:   Grammatical Framework (GF) is a programming language for developing multilingual grammars. Among other things these grammars can be used for interlingual translation. I will start by presenting the key features of the language. As an example, we will develop a simple grammar by using the online grammar editor. In the second part of the talk, I will show how GF can be used for different applications ranging from small controlled languages to wide coverage translation systems. In both cases, the correct non-compositional translation of multiword  expressions is a key factor for getting high-quality results.

Useful links: Grammatical Framework's website , GF book