This page collects the material used for MWE games at the 7th PARSEME meeting in Dubrovnik. Games 2-4 are based on MWEs in 21 languages submitted before the meeting by 37 PARSEME members.

  1. Guillotine - a game based on collocations, by Angelo Basile and Federico Sangati. Feedback from the users is welcome (see the game website for the contact details).
    • Rules: find a word that matches all words in a set.
  2. Aligning MWEs with common senses - by Cvetana Krstev:
    • Rules: the audience is divided into 4 language groups according to each person's mother tongue: Balto-Slavic, Germanic, Romance and other languages; each group receives 12 MWEs from languages that do not belong to this group; these 12 MWEs are to be assigned to the given 4 senses (3 MWEs per sense).
    • MWEs and senses for each group
    • Slides with the correct alignments - see pp. 3-11
    • Results:
      1. Germanic group: 12/12
      2. Romance group: 10/12
      3. Other group: 9/12
      4. Balto-Slavic group: 8/12
    • Spreadsheet with all MWEs for 10 senses.
  3. MWEs with nationalities - by Agata Savary:
    • Rules: MWEs with names of nationalities are represented as a graph. An arc goes from country A to country B if the language spoken in A uses an MWE including the nationality of B. The color of the arc depends on the polarity of the stereotype expressed by the MWE: red - negative stereotype, orange - neutral, green - postitive. E.g. a red arc goes from France to Poland because of (FR) √™tre sao√ªl comme un polonais 'to be as drunk as a Pole'.
    • Slides showing the pseudo-scientific analysis of the graph - see pp. 12-26.
    • Spreadsheet with all MWEs with nationalities
  4. Pantomime - by Cvetana Krstev and Duško Vitas.
    • Rules: the audience is divided into 2 groups: early-stage researchers and senior researchers (English native speakers play the role of referees). Each group receives a set of well know English MWEs, drawn from seminal papers: 4 easy, 4 medium and 1 difficult MWE. One person of a group shows the MWE by pantomime, the rest of the group guesses. Guessing time is limited to 1, 2 and 3 minutes for the easy, medium and hard MWEs, respectively.
    • Expressions to guess.
    • Score: tie - ESRs vs. senior researchers: 9:9

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The same or similar MWEs that exist in at least two languages (as obtained by users input) are given in Common MWEs in two or more languages. Please add more examples if you find that same or similar expressions are used in your language as well.