For abstracts, slides and poster files see the list of the admitted posters.

Simon Clematide, Marc Luder "Automatic Construction of Morpho-Syntactic Descriptions of Verbal MWEs from Crowdsourceable Input" (WG 1)
Carla Parra Escartín, Stephan Peitz, Hermann Ney "Linguistics, German Compounds and Statistical Machine Translation. Can they all get along?" (WG 3)
Angeliki Fotopoulou, Stella Markantonatou, Voula Giouli "Encoding MWEs in a conceptual lexicon of Modern Greek" (WG 1)
Lars Hellan "Verb-headed Multi-Word Expressions in the Norwegian HPSG grammar Norsource" (WG 2)
Dimitrios Kokkinakis "Swedish multiword expressions and sublanguage parsing" (WG 2, 1, 3, 4)
Valia Kordoni "Automated Acquisition of Multiword Expressions for Robust Deep Parsing" (WG 2)
Simon Krek, Kaja Dobrovoljc "Sketch Grammar or parser – a comparison of two MWE extraction methods" (WG1)
Am√°lia Mendes, Sandra Antunes "A Lexical Database of Multi-Word Expressions in Portuguese" (WG 1, 2)
Jelena Mitrović "Electronic Tools and Resources for Multi-Word Unit detection and research in Serbian" (WG 1)
Takuya Nakamura, Matthieu Constant "Frozen Preposition (Determiner) Noun (Modifier) expressions in Lexicon-Grammar of French: state of the art and beyond" (WG 1)
Joakim Nivre "Transition-Based Parsing with Multiword Expressions" (WG 3)
Agnieszka Patejuk "Handling MWEs in Walenty, a new valence dictionary for Polish" (WG 1)
Victoria Rosén, Gyri Losnegaard, Koenraad De Smedt "Towards searchable MWEs" (WG 4)
Manfred Sailer, Frank Richter, Beata Trawiński "Expressions with BoundWords Linguistic Resource and Relevance for PARSEME" (WG 1)
Federico Sangati, Andreas van Cranenburgh "Identifying Multi-Word Expressions in Large Treebanks with Tree Kernels" (WG 3, 4)
Gerold Schneider "Improving PP attachment in a hybrid dependency parser using semantic, distributional and lexical resources" (WG 3)
Zdenka Uresova, Jana Sindlerova, Eva Fucikova, Jan Hajic "Verb-Noun Idiomatic Combinations in a Czech-English Dependency Corpus" (WG 4, 1)
Veronika Vincze, Istv√°n Nagy T. "Verbal Multiword Expressions in Treebanks" (WG 4)
Duško Vitas, Cvetana Krstev, Svetla Koeva "What Becomes of MWEs in Translation?" (WG 1)
Katerina Zdravkova, Aleksandar Petrovski "System for extraction of potential multi-word expressions and prediction of their translations from a multilingual corpus" (WG 2)
Katerina Zdravkova, Aleksandar Petrovski "Extraction of potential multi-word expressions in a parallel corpus" (WG 2)