For abstracts, slides and poster files see the list of the admitted posters.

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  2. Gosse Bouma, Gertjan van Noord "Multiword expressions in Dutch dependency treebank" (WG 4)
  3. Eduard Bejček, Pavel Straňák, Pavel Pecina "Syntactic Identification of Occurrences of Multiword Expressions in Text using a Lexicon with Dependency Structures" (WG 4)
  4. Niki Samaridi, Stella Markantonatou "Parsing Modern Greek verb MWEs in LFG/XLE" (WG 2)
  5. Tita Kyriacopoulou, Claude Martineau, Cristian Martinez, Aggeliki Fotopoulou "Construction of linguistic resources for the extraction of "" complex text segments """ (WG 2)
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  7. J. Baptista, N. Mamede, I. Markov "Integrating a lexicon-grammar of verbal idioms in a Portuguese NLP system" (WG 2)
  8. Amalia Todirascu "A Hybrid Multilingual Method to Extract Collocations from Corpora" (WG 3)
  9. Istv√°n Nagy T., Veronika Vincze "Detecting Multiword Expressions by Dependency Parsing" (WG 3)
  10. Yaakov HaCohen-Kerner "A ML research proposal for detecting Multi-Word Expressions" (WG 3)
  11. Carla Parra Escartín, Héctor Martínez Alonso "Compound dictionary extraction and WordNet. A dangerous liaison?" (WG 3)
  12. Martin Emms, Arun Jayapal "Sense changes and Multiword Expressions" (WG 3)
  13. Gerold Schneider "Extracting MWE and fixed structures from parsed corpora" (WG 1)
  14. Aleksandar Petrovski, Katerina Zdravkova "Towards a New Computational MWE Lexicon" (WG 1)
  15. Vesna Pajić, Miloš Pajić "Acquisition of domain-specific multiword expressions in Serbian" (WG 1, 2)
  16. Johanna Monti "A knowledge-based approach to multiwords processing in machine translation: the English-Italian dictionary of multiwords" (WG 1, 3)
  17. Gyri Smørdal Losnegaard, Carla Parra Escartín "Representing Multiword Expressions in Lexical and Terminological Resources: Testing the standards" (WG 1)
  18. Eric Laporte "Choosing features for classifying multiword expressions" (WG 1)
  19. Agnieszka Kaliska, Harald Ulland "A contrastive analysis of prepositional post-copular Multi Word Units in French,Norwegian and Polish" (WG 1)
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  22. Annelen Brunner "Contexts, patterns, networks – the corpus-based study of multi-word expressions" (WG 1)