Internal organization

Leader: Victoria Rosén (NO)
Vice-leader: Petya Osenova (BG)


  January 2016
Number: 54
Countries: 27
Female/Male: 34/20
ESR/non-ESR: 32/22


  • Enhanced MWE-aware methodologies of treebank construction
  • Optimal usability of MWEs in parsing

Expected outcomes

  • Annotation guidelines for representing MWEs in constituency and dependency treebanks
  • Recommendations on how to use current and future treebanks to automatically extract lexicons and probability scores addressed in other WGs


Year 1 (until March 2014)

  • First informal survey of MWEs in treebanks
  • Planning the collection of examples of MWE annotation in treebanks

Year 2 (until March 2015)

  • Collection of examples of MWE annotation in treebanks
  • With WG 1: Coordinating the classification of types of MWEs in treebanks with the scheme used by WG 1
  • Internal and external reviewing of collaborative publication

Year 3 (until March 2016)

Year 4 (until March 2017)

STSMs with relation to WG 4

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Summary of working group sessions at Athens meeting


Parseme WG 4 Wiki on MWE annotation in treebanks