The presentation of the posters will be threefold:

  • A 2-minute presentation of each poster will be done in a dedicated plenary session (you may use 1 slide provided that it is sent beforehand).
  • Posters will be displayed and classical poster sessions will allow for parallel discussions.
  • Posters and abstracts will be uploaded on the event's webpage.

Posters should be of A1 size (portrait only) and bear:

  • name(s) of author(s),
  • title,
  • numbers of the relevant Working Groups (WG1, WG2, WG3, and/or WG4),
  • glosses and/or translations to English of all examples from other languages.

Please, send the following data to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:

  • By 25 August 2014 at latest: the final version of your abstract if you wish it to appear at the event's webpage.
  • By 1 September 2014 at latest: the name of the presenter and 1 slide (if any) in .pdf format for a 2-minute presentation of your poster at a dedicated plenary session.
  • By 15 September 2014 at latest: your poster in .pdf format and in A4 resolution, to be uploaded on the website.

The file names should contain the relevant WG numbers, the authors' names and the abstract|slides|poster extension, e.g.:

  • WG3-SMITH-abstract.pdf
  • WG2-WG4-SMITH-DOE-slides.pdf
  • WG1-4-SMITH-DOE-ANDREWS-poster.pdf