We received 27 poster proposal submissions for PARSEME's 5th general meeting in Ia»ôi, Romania. The selectivity rate was 70%. The selected posters are the following (the poster presenters are underlined):

Group A

  1. Stella Markantonatou, Erasmia Koletti, Elpiniki Margariti and George Zakis "Modern Greek MWEs, The Free Genitive and the Free Dative Genitives" (WG1) (abstract, poster, slides)
  2. Manfred Sailer "Possessive alternations in German idioms" (WG1) (abstract, poster, slides)
  3. Goranka Blagus Bartolec "Croatian Collocation Database" (WG1) (abstract, poster, slides)
  4. Jelena Mitrovic, Miljana Mladenovic and Cvetana Krstev "Adding MWEs to Serbian Lexical Resources Using Crowdsourcing" (WG1) (abstract, poster, slides)
  5. Doug Arnold "A Glue Semantics for Structurally Regular MWEs" (abstract, poster, slides)
  6. Timm Lichte and Simon Petitjean "A unified metagrammar approach to the implementation of MWEs in LTAG" (WG2) (abstract, poster, slides)
  7. Koenraad De Smedt, Victoria Ros√©n and Paul Meurer "MWEs in Universal Dependency treebanks" (WG4) (abstract, poster, slides)
  8. Joakim Nivre and Veronika Vincze "Light Verb Constructions in Universal Dependencies" (WG4) (abstract, poster, slides)
  9. Johanna Monti, Federico Sangati and Mihael Arcan "Kernel-Methods for identifying bilingual Multi-Word Expressions from Parallel Corpora" (abstract, poster, slides)
  10. Eric Wehrli and Aline Villavicencio "Extraction of Multilingual MWEs from Aligned Corpora" (abstract, poster, slides)

Group B

  1. Isma√Øl El Maarouf and Michael Oakes "Statistical Measures for Characterising MWEs" (WG1) (abstract, poster, slides)
  2. Federico Sangati and Andreas van Cranenburgh "Multiword Expression Identification with Recurring Tree Fragments and Association Measures" (abstract, poster, slides)
  3. Violeta Seretan, Eric Wehrli, Luka Nerima and Amalia Todirascu "A Collocation Extraction Tool for Romanian" (abstract, poster, slides)
  4. Vasiliki Foufi "Variability in Greek multiword compound nouns in the form of Adjective + Noun" (WG1) (abstract, poster, slides)
  5. Sascha Bargmann "Syntactically Flexible VP-Idioms and the N-after-N Construction" (abstract, poster, slides)
  6. Veronika Vincze and Istv√°n Nagy T. "Towards a Definition of Verb-Particle Constructions" (WG1) (abstract, poster, slides)
  7. Agn√®s Tutin, Thi Thu Hoai Tran, Olivier Kraif and Sylvain Hartier "French collocations of cross-disciplinary scientific lexicon" (WG1) (abstract, poster, slides)
  8. Justina Mandravickaite and Tomas Krilavicius "Database of Multiword Expressions for Lithuanian" (WG1) (abstract, poster, slides)
  9. Diana Bogantes, Eric Rodriguez, Alejandro Rodriguez, Alejandro Arauco and Agata Savary "Towards Lexical Encoding of Multiword Expressions in Spanish Dialects" (WG1) (abstract, poster, slides)