We received 37 poster proposal submissions for PARSEME's 7th general meeting in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The selectivity rate was 73% . Two posters presenting PARSEME follow-up initiatives were also admitted.  The selected posters are the following (the poster presenters are underlined):

Session A:

  1. Doug Arnold and Sascha Bargmann "Idiom Licensing in Non-restrictive Relative Clauses" (WG1, WG2) (abstract, poster, slides)
  2. Eduard Bejƒçek, Pavel Stranak and Zde≈àka Ure≈°ov√° "PARSEME Shared Task and PDT: Comparison and Data Conversion" (WG4) (abstract, poster, slides)
  3. Tilia Renate Ellendorff, Fabio Rinaldi "Statistics and Characteristics of Multi-word Entities in the Biomedical Domain across Entity Types" (WG3) (abstract, poster, slides)
  4. Jan Genci, Martin Olostiak and Jan Stas "Dictionary of (Slovak) Multiword Expressions" (WG1, WG3) (abstract, poster, slides)
  5. Livnat Herzig Sheinfux, Tali Arad Greshler, Nurit Melnik and Shuly Wintner "Towards a classification of Hebrew verbal MWEs" (WG1) (abstract, poster, slides)
  6. Natalia Klyueva and Daniel Zeman "MWEs in Universal Dependencies 1.3" (WG4) (abstract, poster, slides)
  7. Cvetana Krstev, Ranka Stankovic and Dusko Vitas "Rule-based Multi-Word Term Extraction, Lemmatization and Description" (WG1, WG2) (abstract, poster, slides)
  8. Justina Mandravickaite, Tomas Krilavicius and Inguna Skadina "Identification of Multiword Expressions in Parallel Latvian and Lithuanian Corpus" (WG3) (abstract, poster, slides)
  9. Kadri Muischnek, Kaili M√º√ºrisep and Tiina Puolakainen "Multiword expressions in the Estonian Dependency Treebank" (WG4) (abstract, poster, slides)
  10. Monica-Mihaela Rizea "Negative-polarity Multiword Expressions (NPMWEs). Interpreting Corpus Results and Enriching a Multilingual Resource" (WG1) (abstract, poster, slides)
  11. Shiva Taslimipoor and Ruslan Mitkov "Resource-poor Translation of Multiword Expressions" (WG3) (abstract, poster, slides)
  12. PARSEME follow-up initiative: Alexandr Rosen, Eduard Bejček and Pavel Straňák "Translation, Parallel Data and MWEs" (proposal, slide)
  13. PARSEME follow-up initiative: Angeliki Fotopoulou, Jorge Baptista, Tita Kyriakopoulou, Eric Laporte "SentOp Action: Expression of Sentiments and Opinions" (proposal, slides)

Session B:

  1. Silvio Ricardo Cordeiro, Carlos Ramisch and Aline Villavicencio "Nominal Compound Compositionality: A Multilingual Lexicon and Predictive Model" (WG3) (abstract, poster, slides)
  2. Koenraad De Smedt and Victoria Ros√©n "Towards guidelines for the annotation of MWEs in treebanks" (WG4) (abstract, poster, slides)
  3. Isma√Øl El Maarouf and Michael Oakes "Statistical Measures to characterise MWEs involving 'mordre' in French or 'bite' in English". (WG3) (abstract, poster, slides)
  4. Vasiliki Foufi, Luka Nerima and Eric Wehrli "Identification of Modern Greek collocations with a syntactic parser" (WG1, WG2, WG3) (abstract, poster, slides)
  5. Milena Hn√°tkov√° and Alexandr Rosen "Towards a database of Czech multi-word expressions" (WG1) (abstract, poster, slides)
  6. Jelena Mitrovic, Stella Markantonatou, Miljana Mladenovic and Cvetana Krstev "Greek and Serbian Similes ‚Äì Enrichment of Lexical Resources via Crowdsourcing" (WG1) (abstract, poster, slides)
  7. Behrang Qasemizadeh "Annotation of Multiword Expressions in the Farsi Section of the Universal Dependencies Project" (WG4) (abstract, poster, slides)
  8. Agata Savary and Jakub Waszczuk "Mapping a MWE lexicon on a treebank" (WG1, WG4) (abstract, poster, slides)
  9. Katalin Ilona Simk√≥ and Veronika Vincze "Non-compositionality of Idioms in a Multilingual Context" (WG1, WG3) (abstract, poster, slides)
  10. Inguna Skadi≈Üa "Translation of Multi-word Expressions into under-resourced language: Case of English-Latvian Statistical Machine Translation" (WG3) (abstract, poster, slides)
  11. Agn√®s Tutin "Comparing morphological and syntactic variations of support verb con-structions and verbal full phrasemes in French: a corpus based study" (WG1) (abstract, poster, slides)
  12. PARSEME follow-up initiative: Stella Markantonatou, Dusko Vitas and Cvetana Krstev "The world of food and of cooking across Europe: Documenting and processing multimedia knowledge on cooking and food"  - presented in poster session B (proposal, slideposter)

Cancelled posters:

  1. Matthieu Constant and Joakim Nivre "A Transition-Based System for Joint Lexical and Syntactic Analysis" (WG3) (abstract)
  2. Kaja Dobrovoljc "Multi-word Discourse Markers in the Spoken Slovenian Treebank" (WG4) (abstract)
  3. Vesna Pajiƒá "Chromatic lexicon and entities in Serbian" (WG1) (abstract)
  4. Agnieszka Patejuk "Converting phraseological information in Walenty to XLE/LFG constraints" (WG1, WG2) (abstract)
  5. Petya Osenova and Kiril Simov "Distribution and specificities of MWEs in BulTreeBank" (WG4) (abstract)