2022 Summer

Date Who Title
Thu, April 13,
11:45, G309
Joachim Sabel (UCLouvain)Amalgamation in Morphology and Syntax
Thu, April 14,
11:45, G307
Joachim Sabel (UCLouvain)The left periphery and the categorial status of zu-infinitivals
Thu, April 28,
13:30, Zoom
Michaela Ippolito (University of Toronto)Expanding the inventory of biased questions
Thu, May 19,
11:45, G307
Maria Biezma (UMass Amherst)Polar 'kya'
Thu, June 6,
11:45, G307
Ramona Wallner (P2)PhD talk: Spoken French non-fronted wh-questions
Thu, June 23,
11:45, G307
Nadine Theiler (P1/P3)An Epistemic Bridge for Presupposition Projection in Questions
Thu, July 21,
11:45, G307
Miriam Geiß (P10))PhD talk: Rhetorical questions in second language learners of German
Wed, July 27,
10:30, G209
Krishna Parajuli, KathmanduMotion events in Nepali: Theory, observation and typological implications