P1 Publications

Papers in peer-reviewed journals and collections of papers

  • Bayer, Josef. 2018. Criterial freezing in the syntax of particles. In J. Hartmann, M. J√§ger, A. Kehl, A. Konietzko, and S. Winkler, eds., Freezing: Theoretical approaches and empirical domains, pages 225‚Äì263. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. [draft]
  • Bayer, Josef. 2017. Clitic denn and wh-movement. In C. Mayr and E. Williams, eds., Festschrift fuÃàr Martin Prinzhorn, pages 1‚Äì11. Wien: Wiener Linguistische Gazette. [pdf]
  • Bayer, Josef and Lisa Lai-Shen Cheng. 2017. Wh-in-situ. In M. Everaert and H.C. van Riemsdijk, eds., The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Syntax. DOI: 10.1002/9781118358733.wbsyncom106 [draft]
  • Bayer, Josef. In press. Why doubling discourse particles? In L. Franco and P. Lorusso, eds., Linguistic Variation: Structure and Interpretation ‚Äî Contributions in Honor of M. Rita Manzini. Berlin: De Gruyter. [draft]
  • Bayer, Josef, Jana H√§ussler and Markus Bader. 2016. A new diagnostic for cyclic wh-movement: Discourse particles in German questions. Linguistic Inquiry 47(4):591-629. [link]
  • Beltrama, Andrea. In Press. Metalinguistic just and simply: exploring emphatic exclusives. In Proceedings of Semantics and Linguistic Theory (SALT) 28. [link]
  • Beltrama, Andrea and Emily Hanink. 2018. Marking imprecision, expressing surprise. Like between hedging and mirativity. Journal of Linguistics. Online first, DOI:10.1017/S0022226718000270. [link]
  • Czypionka, Anna, Felix Golcher, Joana Blaszczak, and Carsten Eulitz. 2018. When verbs have bugs: Lexical and syntactic processing costs of split particle verbs in sentence comprehension. [draft]
  • D√∂rre, Laura, Anna Czypionka, Andreas Trotzke, and Josef Bayer. 2018. The processing of German modal particles and their counterparts. Linguistische Berichte 255:58‚Äì91. [link]
  • Eckardt, Regine, and Andrea Beltrama. Submitted. Evidentials and questions. In C. PinÃÉon, ed., Empirical Issues in Syntax and Semantics 12. Paris: CNRS.

Edited volumes

  • Bayer, Josef and Volker Struckmeier. 2017. Discourse Particles. Formal Approaches to their Syntax and Semantics. Berlin: DeGruyter.

Peer-reviewed conference talks

Peer-reviewed poster presentations

  • Czypionka,¬†Anna, Josef Bayer, Maribel Romero & Carsten Eulitz. 2017. The licensing of discourse particles in complex questions: Evidence from graded judgments and event-related potentials. 30th Annual CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing, MIT, Cambridge, MA, March 30 – April 1. [poster]

Invited talks

  • Romero, Maribel. 2017. Composing Not-at-Issue Meaning: German Discourse Particles in Questions. Invited talk at the Workshop “Compositionality at the Interfaces”¬†at¬†GLOW (Generative Linguistics in the Old World) 40. Leiden, Netherlands, March 14-18.
  • Romero, M. 2017.¬†German discourse particles in questions. Invited talk at the workshop¬†Inquisitiveness Below and Beyond the Sentence Boundary.¬†University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, December 18-19. [handout]

Other papers

  • Bayer, Josef. 2018. A comparative note on the Bangla particle to and the German particle doch. In: Festschrift for Angelika Kratzer. [link]
  • Bayer, Josef and Hans Broekhuis. 2018. Sluicing and gapping: elipsis or selective spell-out? available on LingBuzz. [link]

Project Related Theses

  • D√∂rre, Laura. 2018. Primary and Secondary Meaning in the Processing of German Particles. Doctoral dissertation.
  • F√∂hl, Antonia. 2017. How does “wohl” behave? BA thesis, University ¬†of Konstanz. (Supervisors: Maribel Romero, Mar√≠a Biezma)
  • Fortmann, Jette. 2017. Modalpartikeln in Nebens√§tzen. BA thesis, University of Konstanz. (Supervisors: Maribel Romero, Sven Lauer)