2020/21 Winter

Date Who Title
Thu, November 12, 2020
13.30, Zoom
Emily ManettaSecond place: V2 in Kashmiri and how to license ellipsis
Thu, November 26, 2020
Benazir Mumtaz: P4
Katerina Kalouli, Rita Sevastjanova: P8
Lexical stress in Urdu
Taking a step back: what is active learning after all?
Thu, January 19, 21, 2021
10.00, Zoom
January 26 & 28, 2001 postponed
Dr Giuseppina Turco
(LLF, CNRS/Université Paris-Diderot)
Mini Workshop "Introduction to Italian Intonation" organized by P10
Thu, January 21, 2021
Marieke Einfeldt, Daniela Wochner, Katharina Zahner: P6
Maria Ferin, Miriam Geiss: P10
Towards a prosodic grammar of rhetorical questions
Comprehension of rhetorical questions in early and late bilingual language acquisition