Summer 2021

Date Who Title
Thu, April 15,
11:45, Zoom
Daniela Wochner (P6)PhD talk
Thu, April 29,
11:45, Zoom
Members of P1
Members of P3
Testing for illusions: Question-sensitive disocurse particles and negative polarity items with out-of-reach licensers
Q-Particles in Sinhala Wh-, Alternative and Polar Questions
Thu, May 6,
11:45. Zoom
Members of P5
Georg Kaiser, Svenja Schmid
, Katerina Kalouli
Recent and ongoing research on Self-Addressed Questions.
Word order variation in Romance (and German) wh-interrogatives (and declaratives).
Thu, July 8Members of P9 George WalkdenThe diachrony of question particles
Thu, July 15Tian Li(P9)PhD talk
Thu, July 22Svenja Schmid (P2)PhD talk