ID Principal investigator(s) Research Staff Title
P1 Bayer, Eulitz & Romero CzypionkaThe Role of German Particles in Questions
P2 Kaiser Kaiser & WallnerThe structure of wh-words in Romance (and Germanic) languages
P3 RomeroKrassnig & Meertens Alternative Questions and Beyond
P4 Butt N.N.Information Structure and Questions in Urdu/Hindi
P5 Eckardt ChangSelf-Addressed Questions
P6 Braun & Dehé Wochner & Zahner Towards a prosodic grammar for rhetorical questions
P7 Grijzenhout & Schönhuber WeberThe Prosody-Syntax Interface of Polar Questions: Evidence from German and English First Language Acquisition
P8 Butt, Deussen & Keim Kalouli, Kehlbeck & SevastjanovaGenerating Linguistic Insights in Questions Classification through Combining Explainable Machine Learning and Visualization
P9 WalkdenTian LiThe Diachrony of Particles
P10Kupisch & MarinisFerin, Maria Francesca
Geiß, Miriam
Non-Canonical Questions in Early and Late Bilingual Language Acquisition
ZButt Bobrov (technician)
Wolke (administration)
Coordination (central project)