P4 Publications

Journal Article(s):

  • Urooj, Saba, Mumtaz, Benazir. & Hussain, Sarmad. 2019. Urdu Intonation. Journal of South Asian Linguistics, Vol 10. (URL: http://jsal-journal.org/)
  • Butt, Miriam, Farhat Jabeen, & Tina Bögel. 2016. Verb cluster internal wh-phrases in Urdu: Prosody, syntax and semantics/pragmatics. Linguistic Analysis, 40 (3-4). 445-487.

Conference Proceedings:

  • Mumtaz, Benazir, Massimiliano Canzi, & Miriam Butt. “Prosody of Case Markers in Urdu.” Proc. Interspeech 2021, 2661-2665.
  • Urooj, Saba, Benazir Mumtaz, Sarmad Hussain, and Ehsan ul Haq. “Acoustic and Prosodic Correlates of Emotions in Urdu Speech.” Proc. Interspeech 2021: 396-400.
  • Mumtaz, Benazir, Tina Bögel, and Miriam Butt. “Lexical Stress in Urdu.” Proc. Interspeech 2020. 1888-1892.
  • Jabeen, Farhat & Bettina Braun. Production and perception of prosodic cues in narrow & corrective focus in Urdu/Hindi. Speech Prosody. 13-16 June 2018. Poland.
  • Butt, Miriam, Tina Bögel, & Farhat Jabeen. 2017. Polar kya and the Prosody-Syntax-Pragmatics Interface. LFG 2017. 25-27 Jul. 2017, Konstanz, Germany. >> pdf
  • Jabeen, Farhat, Tina Bögel, & Miriam Butt. 2016. Variable prosodic realization of verb focus in Urdu. Speech Prosody 2016. Boston, USA. >> pdf


  • Mumtaz, Benazir & Miriam Butt. Prosodic Phrasing in Interaction with Word Order and Case Marking in Urdu/Hindi. 2021. Proc. SLE.
  • Butt, Miriam. Word Order Effects and Particles in Urdu Questions.  29-31 October, 2019. INALCO-Paris.
  • Jabeen, Farhat. Clash of boundaries: Realization of focus vs. intonational phrase boundary tones in Urdu/Hindi. International Congress of Linguists. 02-06 Jul. 2018. Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Jabeen, Farhat & Bettina Braun. Duration or alignment? Perception of prosodic cues of narrow & corrective focus in Urdu/Hindi. 34th South Asian Languages Analysis Roundtable. 18-21 June 2018. Konstanz, Germany.
  • Biezma, Mar√≠a, Miriam Butt & Farhat Jabeen. Deriving quirky effects in Kya questions in Hindi/Urdu. Meaning in Non-canonical Questions. 07-09 June, 2018. Konstanz, Germany.
  • Biezma, Mar√≠a, Miriam Butt & Farhat Jabeen. Polar Questions vs Kya Questions in Hindi/Urdu. 41st GLOW Conference. 10-14 Apr. 2018. Budapest, Hungary. >> slides
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  • Biezma, Mar√≠a, Miriam Butt, & Farhat Jabeen. 2017. Interpretations of Urdu/Hindi polar ‘kya’.¬† XPrag-UiO workshop “Non-at-Issue Meaning & Information Structure” (NAIS). 08-10 May 2017, Oslo, Norway.
  • Jabeen, Farhat & Miriam Butt. 2017. Urdu/Hindi polar ‘kya’ at the syntax-pragmatics-prosody interface. 39. Jahrestagung der DGFS. Saarbr√ºcken, Germany. >> slides
  • Jabeen, Farhat. 2016. Prosodic & structural realization of focus in Urdu/Hindi. IG 2016. Zagreb, Croatia. >> slides
  • Jabeen, Farhat. & Miriam Butt. 2016. Polar kyaa: A marker for the partitioning of information structure. 32nd South Asian Languages Analysis Roundtable (SALA-32). Lisbon, Portugal. >> slides
  • Jabeen, Farhat. Acoustics of verb focus in Urdu. 2016. Centre for Language Engineering, UET, Lahore, Pakistan.
  • Butt, Miriam, Tina B√∂gel, & Farhat Jabeen. 2015. Immediately postverbal questions in Urdu/Hindi. 37. Jahrestagung der DGFS. Leipzig, Germany.

Poster Presentations:

  • Jabeen, Farhat & Bettina Braun. 2017. New information vs. corrective focus: Perception of duration differences in Urdu/Hindi. P und P13. 28-29 Sep. 2017. Berlin, Germany.
  • Jabeen, Farhat. 2017. Position vs. Prosody: Focus realization in Urdu/Hindi. Phonetics and Phonology in Europe (PaPE). 12-14 Jun. 2017, K√∂ln, Germany.