Project Z


Principal Investigators: Miriam Butt
Administration: Irene Wolke

Project Description:

Project Z conducts the organizational coordination and the handling of all administrative tasks connected with the Research Unit. Project Z is responsible for the interaction with the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) and the University of Konstanz. The administrative tasks include: supervision of the financial resources of the research unit, preparation of employment contracts, accounting for the individual projects and the central expenses, book keeping, orders and inventory. Furthermore, Project Z is responsible for the technical production of reports to the DFG, the coordination and preparation of the research proposal for the second funding period and for the online presentation of the research unit. Moreover it organizes the regular meetings and colloquia as well as being responsible for the organizational support of cooperation partners on visits to Konstanz. The project also coordinates and organizes local conferences and workshops that arise from within the research unit.