We received 34 poster proposal submissions for PARSEME's 6th general meeting in Struga, FYR Macedonia. The selectivity rate was 61%. The selected posters are the following (the poster presenters are underlined):

Group A:

  1. Koenraad De Smedt and Victoria Ros√©n "Towards principles for the annotation of MWEs in treebanks" (WG4) (abstractposterslides)
  2. Jolanta Kovalevskaitƒó, Erika Rimkutƒó and Loic Boizou "Representation of MWEs in the Lithuanian Dependency Treebank" (WG4) (abstractposterslides)
  3. Gerlof Bouma and Yvonne Adesam "Multiword Annotation in the Eukalyptus Treebank of Written Swedish" (WG4) (abstractposterslides)
  4. Matthieu Constant and Angeliki Fotopoulou "A systematic study on the fixedness degree of verbal multiword expressions: application to Modern Greek and French" (WG1) (abstractposterslides)
  5. John P. Mccrae, Philipp Cimiano, Paul Buitelaar and Georgeta Bordea "Representing Multiword Expressions on the Web with the OntoLex-Lemon model" (WG1) (abstractposterslides)
  6. Timm Lichte, Yannick Parmentier, Simon Petitjean, Agata Savary and Jakub Waszczuk "Separating the regular from the idiosyncratic: An object-oriented lexical encoding of MWEs using XMG" (WG1, WG2) (abstractposterslides)
  7. Stella Markantonatou, Georgios Zakis, Elpiniki Margariti and Panagiotis Minos "Generating LFG/XLE MWE entries from IDION (a theory neutral lexical DB) (WG1, WG2) (abstractposterslides)
  8. Uxoa I√±urrieta, Itziar Aduriz, Gorka Labaka, Arantza D√≠az de Ilarraza and Kepa Sarasola "Konbitzul: a database for Spanish-Basque verb+noun collocation translation" (WG1, WG2, WG3) (abstractposterslides)
  9. Ruben Urizar "Computational Treatment of Basque Multiword Expressions" (WG1, WG2, WG3) (abstractposterslides)
  10. Glorianna Jagfeld and Lonneke van der Plas "Towards a Better Semantic Role Labeling of Complex Predicates" (WG3, WG4) (abstractposterslides)

Group B:

  1. Petya Osenova and Kiril Simov "Processing the MWEs that are not ‚Äúwords-with-spaces‚Äù in BulTreeBank" (WG1, WG4) (abstractposterslides)
  2. Johannes Gra√´n, Martin Volk and Simon Clematide "Searching Multi-words Simultaneously in Multiparallel Corpora" (WG3, WG4) (abstractposterslides)
  3. Eduard Bejƒçek and Pavel Stra≈à√°k "Named Entities within Multiword Addresses" (WG4) (abstractposterslides)
  4. Jeroen van Craenenbroeck, Norbert Corver, Tanja Temmerman, Sterre Leufkens, Marko Hladnik and Will Harwood "The syntax of idioms. A macro-variational point of view" (WG1) (abstractposterslides)
  5. Stella Markantonatou and Manfred Sailer "Affectees in MWEs: German and Modern Greek" (WG1) (abstractposterslides)
  6. Justina Mandravickaite, Michael Oakes and Tomas Krilavicius "Automatic Extraction of Grammatical Multiword Expressions for Lithuanian" (WG3) (abstractposterslides)
  7. Will Roberts and Markus Egg "Integration of automatically-acquired multiword expressions in a hybrid machine translation system" (WG1, WG3) (abstractposterslides)
  8. Istv√°n Nagy and Veronika Vincze "Finding English Equivalents of Hungarian Light Verb Constructions" (WG3) (abstractposterslides)
  9. Martin Volk, Simon Clematide, Johannes Gra√´n and Phillip Str√∂bel "Interferences in the Recognition of German Separable Prefix Verbs and Multiword Adverbs" (WG2, WG3, WG4) (abstractposterslides)
  10. Jakub Waszczuk and Agata Savary "Towards a MWE-driven A* parsing with LTAGs" (WG2, WG3) (abstractposterslides)


  • Behrang Qasemizadeh "Annotation of Multiword Expressions in the Farsi Section of the Universal Dependencies Project" (WG4)