2022/23 Winter

Date Who Title
Fri, September 20, 2023,
16:00, Hedicke's Terracotta
Gudrun Penndorf"Die spinnen, die Römer"
Thu, July 20, 2023,
11:45, G307
Mariia EsipovaIntentionality and accidentality at the interfaces
Thu, July 13, 2023,
11:45, G307
Benazir MumtazResolving Prosodic Puzzles in Urdu
June 12-14,2023Maria PolinsyBilinguals’ strategies under indeterminacy in the input
Thu, January 12, 2023, 11:45
Chen-An Chang(P5) Taiwanese Daodi-Questions in Despair: Empirical Studies of Triggering Emotive Agreements
Thu, February 1, 2023, 11:45, G307
Maria Ferin (P10) Rhetorical questions in Italian: lexical-syntactic marking in monolingual and bilingual elicited productions

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