Workshop on ‘Prosody and Meaning’ (PaM)

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This workshop aims to bring together scholars from the fields of prosody and pragmatics in order to better understand the nature of the interface between these two fields. We especially encourage submissions on prosody and pragmatics of canonical and non-canonical questions. The workshop will be organized by the DFG research unit ‘Questions at the Interfaces’ in the Department of Linguistics, University of Konstanz.


October 04-06 2017


Room E402 & E404, University of Konstanz, Germany

Invited speakers:

Program committee:

  • P4:

    Tina Bögel
    Miriam Butt
    Farhat Jabeen

  • P5:

    Regine Eckardt
    Gisela Disselkamp

  • P6:

    Bettina Braun
    Nicole Dehé
    Jana Neitsch
    Katharina Zahner

  • P7:

    Janet Grijzenhout
    Muna Schönhuber
    Talina Weber


Irene Wolke

The conference website will be regularly updated.