Event title: PARSEME 2nd general meeting

Location: Divani Palace Acropolis, Athens, Greece

Dates: from 10 to 11 March 2014

Hosting Institution: Institute for Language and Speech Processing of the Athena Research Center

Local Organizers: Stella Markantonatou and Aggeliki Fotopoulou


NEW! Selected photos from the meeting are available (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday). If you wish to share your selected photos, contact the MC chair.

The list of the admitted posters (with downloadable abstracts, slides and poster files) and the instructions for authors are now available.

Important dates

‚Ä¢  10 January 2014 15 January 2014: extended poster submission deadline
• 22 January 2014: notifications sent out
• 10-11 March 2013: poster sessions and WG sessions

Final schedule

Monday, 10 March Tuesday, 11 March
8:30-9:00 registration and poster hanging 9:00-10:30 (session 8, chairs: Yannick Parmentier & Victoria Ros√©n) WG2 and WG4 parallel working sessions
9:00-9:30  (session 1, chair: Agata Savary) opening plenary session  10:30-11:00 coffee break
9:30-10:15 (sessions 2, chair: Adam Przepi√≥rkowski) plenary poster presentations A (2 minutes per poster)   11:00-12:30 (session 9, chairs: Manfred Sailer & Mike Rosner) WG1 and WG3 parallel working sessions
10:15-10:45 coffee break 12:30-14:00 lunch (at the Divani Hotel)
10:45-11:45    (session 3, chair: Adam Przepi√≥rkowski ) poster session A 14:00-15:30    (session 10, chairs: Manfred Sailer & Mike Rosner ) WG1 and WG3 parallel working sessions
11:45-12:45 (session 4, chair: Agata Savary) Management Committee meeting 15:30-16:00 coffee break
12:45-14:15 lunch (at the Divani Hotel) 16:00-16:30 (session 11) plenary closing session
14:15-15:00 (session 5, chair: Pavel Straňák) plenary poster presentations B (2 minutes per poster) 16:30-18:00 (session 12) Steering Committee meeting
15:00-16:00 (session 6, chair: Pavel Stra≈à√°k) poster session B    
16:00-16:30 coffee break    
16:30-18:00 (session 7, chairs: Yannick Parmentier & Victoria Ros√©n) WG2 and WG4 parallel working sessions       
20:00 dinner    


Accommodation: The following hotels are recommended.
• Divani Palace Acropolis (the meetings will be held in this hotel) - to book a room, use this booking form (80-90 €). Please, book preferably at this hotel. If at least 30 rooms are booked by PARSEME members the conference rooms will be offered for free.
• Philippos and Herodion - to book a room, use this booking form (70 € and 55 €)

Going from the Athens Airport to your hotels: see the directions here.

Reimbursement: In order to apply for the reimbursement for this meeting, please, accept the invitation that will be sent to you via e-COST before the meeting. After the meeting, fill in the reimbursement form that will be available online via the COST system and send all relevant signed documents to the Grant Holder, as indicated in the reimbursement form.

Walk on the western hills of Athens. We meet at Divani reception, 11.00am, Sunday 9.03.2014: It will be my pleasure to have a walk with you on the most beautiful western hills of Athens. Stella


Call for Poster Proposals: We welcome poster proposals related to the scientific program of any of the four Working Groups.
Submission format: PDF, up to 2 pages (12pt font, 1in margins).  Please, include your name and affiliation, the title of the poster, and the Working Group concerned.
You may refer to results published previously in another venue or journal. Submissions are not anonymous and are open to all researchers and language technology experts from the Action's member countries.

The presentation of the posters based on selected proposals will be twofold:
- a brief presentation (of about 2 minutes) of each poster will be done in a dedicated plenary session,
- posters will be displayed in the meeting rooms and a classical poster sessions will allow for parallel discussions.

Please send your submissions via e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The final acceptance decisions will be made by the PARSEME Steering Committee.
The authors of the selected proposals will be reimbursed for their travel and stay.