Group A

  1. Veronika Vincze, Istv√°n Nagy T. "Dependency Relations of Light Verb Constructions in Four Languages" (abstract, poster, slides)
  2. Petya Osenova, Kiril Simov "The Catena Approach: From Syntax to Compound Morphology" (abstract, poster, slides)
  3. Patrick Hanks, Michael Oakes "Word Association Measures for Finding Verb Sense Patterns" (abstract, poster, slides)
  4. Johanna Monti, Mario Monteleone, Maria Pia di Buono "Multi-word processing in domain specific Cross-Language Information Retrieval applications: integration of ontology-based methods and Linguistic resources" (abstract, poster, slides)
  5. Katerina Zdravkova, Aleksandar Petrovski "Evaluation of the system for extraction of multi-word expressions and prediction of their translation" (abstract, poster, slides
  6. Eric Wehrli "Impact of noun-prep-noun collocations on parsing results" (abstract, poster, slides)
  7. Niki Samaridi, Stella Markantonatou "Classification of Modern Greek Verb MWEs" (abstract, poster, slides)
  8. Timm Lichte, Laura Kallmeyer "Transparency in multi-word expressions: An LTAG approach" (abstract, poster, slides)
  9. Petter Haugereid "VP idioms in Norwegian: A subconstructional approach" (abstract, poster, slides)
  10. Agata Savary "Towards the Cross-Roads of MWE Identification and Tree Correction" (abstract, poster, slides)

Group B

  1. Eduard Bejƒçek, Pavel Stra≈à√°k "What is Inside Llewyn Davis? Inner structure of MWEs" (abstract, poster, slides)
  2. Bojana ƒêorƒëeviƒá "Morphological Annotation of Single Words and MWUs for the Future Serbian Treebank" (abstract, poster, slides)
  3. Matthieu Constant, Cvetana Krstev, Dusko Vitas "Joint Compound/Named Entity Recognition and POS Tagging for Serbian: Preliminary Results" (abstract, poster, slides)
  4. Istv√°n Nagy T., Veronika Vincze "Automatic Detection of Light Verb Constructions in Different Languages With Syntax-based Methods" (abstract, poster, slides)
  5. Stella Markantonatou, Niki Samaridi "New LFG Grammatical Functions (GFs) for verb MWEs" (abstract, poster, slides)
  6. Peter Juel Henrichsen "MWE parsing as deduction" (abstract, poster, slides)
  7. Aleksandar Petrovski, Katerina Zdravkova "How to create a MWE lexical entry?" (abstract, poster, slides)
  8. Amalia Todirascu "An LMF Model for a French-Romanian Collocation Dictionary" (abstract, poster, slides)
  9. Agnieszka Patejuk, El≈ºbieta Hajnicz, Adam Przepi√≥rkowski, Marcin Woli≈Ñski "A stronger formalism for specifying lexicalised arguments in Walenty - a valence dictionary of Polish" (abstract, poster, slides)
  10. Heiki-Jaan Kaalep "MWU generation breaking down: unpredictable inflectional forms in Estonian noun phrase paradigms" (abstract, poster, slides)
  11. Federico Sangati, Andreas van Cranenburgh, Johanna Monti "Identifying Multi-Word Expressions from Parallel Corpora with Kernel Methods and Crowdsourcing" (abstract, poster, slides)
  12. Dimitrios Kokkinakis "Improving Parsing Medical Discourse using Cascades of Multiword Expression Recognition" (abstract, poster, slides)
  13. Cerstin Mahlow "Verbal and Nominal Components of German and Spanish Phrasemes" (abstract, poster, slides)
  14. Kayla Jacobs, Alon Itai, Shuly Wintner "Acronyms: Dictionary Construction and Disambiguation" (abstract, poster, slides)


  1. Kostadin Cholakov, Valia Kordoni "Better Statistical Machine Translation through Linguistic Treatment of Phrasal Verbs"
  2. Chaya Liebeskind, Ido Dagan, Jonathan Schler "Statistical Thesaurus Construction for a Morphologically Rich Language"
  3. Oksana Petrova "Formal representation of phraseological units in Tiernet Conceptual Semantics"
  4. Gerold Schneider, Patricia Ronan "Extracting English light verb constructions"
  5. Martin Volk, Fabienne Leuenberger "Annotating MWEs in existing treebanks"
  6. Jakub Waszczuk "Modeling syntactic properties of MWEs in LFG" (abstract, poster, slides)