We received 48 poster proposal submissions for PARSEME's 4th general meeting in Valletta, Malta. For the first time we had to apply an unusually strong selectivity rate: 50%. The selected posters are (the poster presenters are underlined):

Group A

  1. Jorge Baptista, A. Rassi, C. Santos-Turati, C. Barros, O. Vale, N. Mamede "Integrated Processing of Support Verb Constructions in Portuguese" (WG2) (abstract, poster, slides)
  2. Sara Castagnoli, Francesca Masini, Malvina Nissim, Gianluca E. Lebani, Marco S.G. Senaldi, Alessandro Lenci "Extracting and Analysing Italian Word Combinations with SYntactically Marked PATterns" (WG1) (abstract, poster, slides)
  3. Silvio Ricardo Cordeiro, Carlos Ramisch, Aline Villavicencio "Token-based MWE Identification Strategies in the mwetoolkit" (WG2, WG3) (abstract, poster, slides)
  4. Patrick Hanks, Ismail El-Maarouf, Michael Oakes "Measures of collocational strength and flexibility for the identification of MWEs" (WG3) (abstract, poster, slides)
  5. Tomas Krilaviƒçius, Justina Mandravickaite, Michael Oakes, Carlos Ramisch, Federico Sangati, Veronika Vincze "Discovery of MWEs Report on MWE Processing" (WG3) (abstract, poster, slides)
  6. Timm Lichte, Laura Kallmeyer "Two ways of modelling idiomaticity as semantic ambiguity in LTAG" (WG1, WG2) (abstract, poster, slides)
  7. Stella Markantonatou, Eri Koletti, Elpi Margariti, Panagiotis Minos, Aimilia Stripeli, Giorgos Zakis, Niki Samaridi "Database for free subject verb MWEs" (WG1) (abstract, poster, slides)
  8. Nathan Schneider "Broad-Coverage Analysis of English MWEs: From Annotation to Sequence Tagging" (WG3, WG4) (abstract, poster, slides)
  9. Kiril Simov, Petya Osenova "Formalizing MultiWords as Catenae in a Treebank and in a Lexicon" (WG4, WG1) (abstract, poster, slides)
  10. Martin Volk, Laura Mascarell, Mark Fishel "Compounds, Coreferences and Multiword Translations" (WG3) (abstract, poster, slides)
  11. Eric Wehrli "Collocations in Translation" (WG2, WG4) (abstract, poster, slides)

Group B

  1. Eduard Bejƒçek, Pavel Stra≈à√°k "Identification of Multiword BBN Named Entities in Dependency Annotation of Wall Street Journal" (WG4) (abstract, poster, slides)
  2. Antoine Doucet "Mining Maximal Frequent Sequences for Multilingual Multi-Word Expression Extraction" (WG3) (abstract, poster, slides)
  3. Livnat Herzig Sheinfux, Nurit Melnik, Shuly Wintner "Accounting for Hebrew verbal MWEs in HPSG" (WG1) (abstract, poster, slides)
  4. Svetla Koeva, Tsvetana Dimitrova "Semantic and Syntactic Patterns of Bulgarian Multiword Names" (WG1) (abstract, poster, slides)
  5. Miryam de Lhoneux "CCG parsing and multiword expressions" (WG2, WG4) (abstract, poster, slides)
  6. Alexis Nasr, Jos√© Deulofeu, Andr√© Valli, Carlos Ramisch "Complex Function Words in French: Representation and Processing" (WG3) (abstract, poster, slides)
  7. Andreia Querido, Rita de Carvalho, Jo√£o Rodrigues, Ant√≥nio Branco "MWEs in the QTLeap Corpus of Online Helpdesk Interactions" (WG4) (abstract, poster, slides)
  8. Mike Rosner, Matthieu Constant, Gerold Schneider, Jan Genci, Joakim Nivre "The Role of Orchestration in Hybrid Parsing of Multiword Expressions" (WG3) (abstract, poster, slides)
  9. Gyri Sm√∏rdal Losnegaard, Harald Ulland "Syntactic properties of Norwegian verbal MWEs" (WG1) (abstract, poster, slides)
  10. Amalia Todirascu, Johanna Monti "Processing MWE in Machine Translation Systems" (WG3) (abstract, poster, slides)
  11. Jakub Waszczuk, Agata Savary "Modeling syntactic properties of MWEs in LFG" (WG2) (abstract, poster, slides)


  1. Agnieszka Patejuk "Converting phraseological information in Walenty to XLE/LFG constraints" (WG1, WG2) (abstract, poster, slides)
  2. Kadri Muischnek "Flexibility of the nominal components in Estonian VP-idioms and support verb constructions" (WG1) (abstract, poster, slides)